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March 1, 2023

Space Home 7
Juvenile science fiction, adventure 

 It is 2077 and the Guardians have decreed that, in order for Northern California to heal after the drought and the Dry War, families must evacuate and live in space homes orbiting Earth. Twelve-year-old Miarra is the only occupant of Space Home 7 who questions the Guardians’ motives. Will she succeed in contacting Earth to sort out the truth from the lies and to find her way back home?

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About Janet Wylie

Janet Wylie is a retired professor of developmental biology, who had the joy of studying and teaching embryonic development for a living at the same time as helping her children grow up.

Also by Janet Wylie

Menace in the Mist
Juvenile Fiction

A mystery adventure for young environmentalists!
12-year-old Cally and her new step-cousin, Giles, must take on Big Oil and Gas as they search for the cause of a poisoned water supply in this environmental mystery set in a small Maine community.

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