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Education Resources for
Space Home 7

Scientists are not the only people who can search for evidence to decide whether any statement or piece of information is true or false. Libraries and trusted sources on the internet allow everyone to search for documentation that may verify, disprove or dispute the information you are studying. You can ask whether something is built on a solid foundation of evidence, whether there are others that agree or disagree with the information, or whether the information is someone’s opinion rather than a definite fact. It is always worth checking and thinking, Am I certain this news is real and that I want to spread it? 

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Educational Resources

Activities to pair with Space Home 7

Space Home 7 is a story about people trusting those in power, believing misinformation, and being manipulated. If you are interested in history and social studies, search for examples where this has actually happened, where whole groups of people have been deceived by the lies told to them by others. What situations make people susceptible to fake news?

If you are interested in chemistry or earth sciences, research what is known about the composition of the Moon’s crust. What minerals are in short supply on Earth? Can they be found on the Moon? How feasible is it to mine them? 

The Dry War mentioned in Space Home 7 is envisioned as a war between California and the other states dependent on the Colorado River for their water supply. What happened in the Dry War is never spelled out in the story, nor is it described how the Guardians came to power. If you are interested in writing science fiction stories, try your hand at a story about the Dry War. 

If you like vocabulary and definitions, research the meanings of the words: propaganda, conspiracy theory, confirmation bias, fabulist. Give examples of each. 

The space homes described here, in a world set fifty years in the future, are huge structures orbiting the planet, each housing more than three hundred people. What are the technological hurdles humans would need to overcome to make it possible for space homes to exist? 

The Guardians control the residents of Space Home 7 using hypnosis. If you are interested in biology and human behavior, research the history and uses of hypnosis. 

Miarra is only allowed a shoe-box-sized container in which to take personal possessions to the space home. If you were in this situation, what would you take with you into space?

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